Weekend getaway to Hungary

As May arrived, it was high time for Laszlo and I to take a weekend trip to Hungary. We boarded our WizzAir flight Friday afternoon, and arrived to Budapest early evening, where we were greeted by Laci’s mom. She made us the most amazing dinner and we spent a lovely evening in her beautiful museum-like home in the capital. After our little attic room in England, I felt as if I was in a real palace.

We were awake bright an early the next morning, as I made plans to head to the countryside to visit my family for the weekend.  Cousin Matt picked me up promptly at 10 am, and we started our long journey in his tiny little red Punto. It was a beautiful sunny day, probably the warmest day I experienced to date in 2016. We arrived to my aunt’s house around 2 pm, where meal preparations have been under way all day long. My aunts were the sweetest. Welcomes me with various options for lunch, all home-made flavours I have been missing since moving to London. Spending the afternoon relaxing in the backyard with my cousins, aunts and grandmother was a real treat.

The peaceful weekend in the village continued Sunday, as we spent the day together. Feasting on my aunt’s delightful lunch, enjoying a delicious ice-cream in my favourite parlour and visiting my other aunt in the pharmacy. Mate and I even went for a long drive admiring the countryside and the bright yellow of the rapeseed flower.

It seemed that Monday arrived in no time, and it was time for us to pack our bags and head back to London. As our flight was in the afternoon, we had a few hours to explore Budapest. Walking alongside the Danube river, and enjoying one last ice-cream before boarding the plane.

A fun weekend which definitely flew by way too quickly! Thanks for all the love family.


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