Deer and Pink Neighbourhoods in London

The beautiful day Sunday was, we woke up early to start yet another eventful day. This time around, we planned to split our day in half, and visit two areas of the city. The natural habitat around the Thames is wonderful, herons, green parrots, squirrels and even a fat cat with the most beautiful grey fur! We soon arrived to Richmond, the area always busy with young families and lots of ducks and geese. Walking along side streets and admiring pink houses, we soon arrived to Richmond Bakery. This cute bakery nestled on the hill has become one of my favourite spots. To top it off, their latte is to die for!

Energised, we were ready to go deer hunting. By deer hunting, I mean to say that we entered Richmond Park, nestled on 955 hectares of land, and set out to find a herd of the 600 red and fallow deer that roam freely within much of the park. It took us a while, but we soon met a huge group of young deer. They were so funny galloping around and friendly as they approached us in search of food. I still think this is one of the best hidden secrets of the city.

Unfortunately, it was soon time for us to say bye to Laszlo, as he headed home to prepare for a night shift of surgical on-call. No rest for the wicked, Anna and I were soon on our way to the next stop: Notting Hill. This affluent district is always a treat. Not only because of the cute shops, but being surrounded by pastel houses of all shapes, sizes and colours! No where else will one find so many hues of pink houses. We hopped and awed in joy as we explored the area on our way to a local green space called Holland Park. For those familiar, this park is the one which is home to my dear peacocks…among friendly groups of squirrels and even pigeons eating form our hands!

A day of nature, delicious treats and beautiful neighbourhoods. Successful Sunday I would say!


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