Last Canadian Day

Monday, March 28th arrived too soon and I was not ready for it. Nonetheless, we tried to make the most of it despite the gloomy weather. I’m just going to tell myself that Canada was also too sad to see me go.

Tim Horton’s for breakfast with the family, and then a quick trip to the newest hot spot in town: Farm Boy. They offer fresh-market shopping, shelves stocked with wholesome, healthy food choices most of which are local origin. We even managed to purchase some delicious nuts and dried fruit for Laszlo, which he will enjoy to the max I’m sure.

Anna had a few errands to run in Cambridge, so I joined her for this little adventure. On our way home, I spotted a new cafe in town, called Crumb + Bean. Obviously we had to try it! It is a quaint little independent coffee shop and bakery, serving delicious treats in a cute atmosphere overlooking the Grand River. I opted for a hot apple cider, and it was the perfect warmer on a rainy day.

Before heading to the airport, my mom made sure I was well fed with a delicious bowl of Hungarian cabbage stew, with a fresh whole grain bun from Farm Boy. It was so good! As tradition has it, our last stop before the airport is always Timmy’s, where Lenore prepared the most delicious earl grey tea, filled with sweet little hearts. And that’s it. A trip is over, but a new one is starting as Anna and I venture back to London together. 


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