Easter Egg Hunt 

Early morning on Easter Sunday was gloomy and grey as Dan and I headed to church in Paris. However, the weather soon turned around to become the warmest day of my vacation!

It is one of our family traditions to host the annual Easter Egg Hunt at my parent’s house on this day. My sweet God kids, who by the way are growing up way too fast, always come over for a day of fun. Today turned out to be the most perfect sunny day for it! We spent the early afternoon collecting sweets and treats in the front yard. You could feel the buzz and excitement in the whole garden. Nikalys and Sadie running around to collect their presents.

After lunch, we went outside to enjoy the farm life…as Sadie always calls it. Chasing and catching chickens, playing with Simba and all that country living has to offer.

A surprise for me, Magdi neni also stopped by to say goodbye…and bring me a fresh batch of cheese rolls she made! I swear I am surrounded by the nicest people in the world!


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