Apps Mill Hike

Can I just say that I am so lucky to have all these amazing people in my life. As I now live so far away from them, I am specially thankful for those little moments we spend together and the adventures that we share.

After spending most of the day together on Easter Sunday, we loaded our two SUVs with people, and made the short trip to Apps Mill Nature Centre, located between Brantford and Paris. We all love this mature forest with Whitemans Creek flowing through the woodland. It was a short hike, but enjoyed by all of us. Playing with sticks, building tents from twigs, hanging on trees and just enjoying each other’s company in the crisp sunshine. And Simba. Well he is just the cutest little guy ever, especially as he was running around us with his little belly.

The day was not nearly long enough, but they were definitely hours to remember forever. And a special thanks to our new photographer, my brother, Aron for capturing these special moments.


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