Ice and Girls

Another girl’s day happened today…but you will not hear me complaining. I managed to convince my mom to take the day off and spend it with Anna and me (to be honest, I didn’t take too much convincing!). Our morning was a bit delayed due to the ice storm, but we still had a nice day. We went to Niagara Outlets, as I was on the hunt for a new purse. And soon enough I found it. A beautiful rose gold piece from Michael Kors. I was so excited, as I found exactly what I was looking for at a very reasonable price.We had lunch at Syndicate Restaurant in Grimsby. Well I should say we tried to have lunch but it was very difficult with my mom laughing the whole time. A delicious meal in great company is always a good choice!

As for the evening, Gaby organized another girl’s night at her place. We had delicious pizza, a sweet Polish cake and drinks to lift our already high spirits. Feisty little Luna also joined the party, and posed with us for all our pictures, including the cutest Snapchat selfie. What a fantastic night with the best friends a girl could ask for.


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