Freezing Rain & Ice Cream in Paris

Oh the beautiful slush that occasionally falls from the sky! Wednesday was definitely one of those horrible days when it rained and snowed all day long…but still a lovely day among friends and family.

I headed to Ashley’s first thing in the morning, where we enjoyed a cup of tea while going crazy on the black board and doing manicures for Miss Gabby. We soon got the little Miss dressed and  went to good old Angel’s in Brantford for a delicious (an cheap!) breakfast. Eggs, potatoes, bacon and toast. Simply divine for merely a couple of dollars.

Despite the nasty weather, I managed to convince most of my family members to go to Paris in the afternoon for a much needed ice cream date. Chocolate Sensations is a family owned chocolate business in the centre of the town. It has to be one of my favourite spots….I only wish the photos could capture the scent of this little shop. The aroma of cocoa and sweets lingers in the air as you admire the delicate treats. I opted for my favourite…Granny’s Cupboard ice cream. If anyone is wondering…it is vanilla ice cream with chunks of everything good one may find in a cupboard. Peanut butter cups, caramel bits, peanut butter swirls and chocolate chunks. I think I’ve said enough. Love this little spot in the heart of this beautiful little town.


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