All that is delicious

So let’s admit…home time definitely is not diet time. Even when I try to plan it to avoid all types of meals, dear friends always have a way of feeding me. Tuesday morning started bright and early, as I had planned to have breakfast with my God kids in Hamilton, before they had to school. Niki made the most delicious pancakes served with strawberries and maple syrup, while Sadie ran around excited with her 24 hour egg. The 24 hour egg is an egg which has been sitting in vinegar for 24 hours, and hence completely changed form. This 24 egg survived and hour and a half of showcasing, and being moved from the bowl of vinegar to a bag and then a plastic container. After all the struggle, it was dropped just as she was about to run to school. Needless to say, the 24 hour egg become a broken egg. But it was the most fun I ever had so early in the morning!

Soon after I was welcomed by our family friend, Eta for a morning coffee. Little did I know that morning coffee meant a traditional Hungarian cabbage stew and freshly baked crepes with sweet cream cheese filling. It was nice to catch up with an old friend who has been dear to our family for years.

My actual lunch date was with Lauren at the Syndicate restaurant and brewery in Grimsby. We struggled a little bit, as we came to the realization that the weekend for most wineries is Monday and Tuesday, hence our selection of venues in the Niagara area was very limited. However, we only had good things to say for this one! The service was excellent (thanks to the friendly Irish waitress) and the food was divine! I opted for a healthier option, green salad with blackened chicken and it was simply delicious. Tradition has it, we always finish with crème brulee and a coffee. The afternoon flew by way too quickly as we discussed life as it is, and our future goals and wishes.

And then came dinner with Veronica. We met in Burlington at the Sotiris Greek restaurant, one of my favourite spots. Although not a wrap as we requested, but the dinner was as tasty as ever. Not enough time, but it was wonderful to catch up with an old friend from university. Until next time!



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