Brantford Dates

What a wonderful Monday it was! First thing in the morning, I spent time with Lisa and her two adorable children, Jonathan and Paulina. Jonathan enjoyed some Easter treats, and was super excited to show me his big boy room. As for Paulina, her baby snuggles and sweet smile was the dearest.

As it was my brother Dan’s birthday, we celebrated twice. The family enjoyed a lunch at Tim Horton’s followed by dinner and drinks at Boston Pizza in the evening. I have to say the birthday boy was spoiled, especially since he also had the day off from work.

Early dinner was at my favourite place with my favourite crew! The Tim Horton’s clan and I went to East Side Mario’s for our unlimited salad with lots of cheese. We finally achieved our ultimate goal. The waitress left the cheese grater at our table, filled with delicious parmesan cheese. An day that flew by too quickly, but enjoyed to the fullest.


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