Sunday Fun Day 

After a busy first two days back home, I spent Sunday morning at home with family and our new puppy Simba. I enjoyed the most delicious maple coffee and the best breakfast sandwich ever…thanks to my mom. I was occupied in the kitchen most of the morning, as I focused on preparing Easter baked goods for friends. I mixed a batch of Cadbury Chocolate Chip Cookies, Shortbread cookies and Sugar cookies. All the recipes can be found on my baking blog at

As the afternoon rolled around, I headed to Mississauga where my friend Gaby organized yet another amazing get-together with friends. A wonderful meal as we sat around the table, and even contemplated saying a prayer as it felt so appropriate with this group of people. The chicken, potatoes and salad was just unreal. And the scones made by Nana and Phil…simply divine! It was also my time to introduce something very much London-like. Gin and tonic on ice topped with lime, lemon and a slice of cucumber. At first it may be a bit bitter, but I find it to be the most refreshing beverage…and thank god my friends agreed and loved it!

It was just the nicest feeling to spend the evening among such good friends. And a huge thank you to Gaby and Dan for hosting yet again! Can’t wait for next time.  



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