A Baby Shower

My dearest Bianca is expecting her first little baby and it’s a girl! I was excited to find out the news last fall, but sad that I will miss a lot of special moments during this period. As we stay in touch through email, I soon enough learned that her baby shower was planned for March 19th. Knowing this, I planned my Easter trip home to Canada, so that I can surprise her on this day. The surprise worked…and we were both so excited to see each other. She was beautiful in her little white dress and long beige knit. You could barely tell she was 6 months pregnant! We spent a couple of hours talking and enjoying delicious Portuguese treats.  

I as beyond thrilled to be part of this occasion, and to have had the opportunity spend this time with her. As for the morning before, my mom and I prepared a batch of delicious sugar cookies. They turned out delicious and super cute! Now we just have to wait for the baby’s arrival in May. Can’t wait to meet the little Miss! 


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