Harris + Hoole

Sunday morning was a busy one for me, grocery shopping, laundry and baking for the week. A friend at the organization I now work for, Moorfield’s Eye Charity, was holding a bake sale to raise funds for the Eye to Eye walk she was participating in. To help her out, I decided to make a few goodies and contribute to the great cause. Banana bread, vanilla cupcakes and eye shaped sugar cookies which resemble the charity logo. I spent a couple hours preparing, but I would say I was very efficient for everything I made. The banana bread has been our favourite, and the recipe is posted on kisstorta.com but more to come in the next couple of weeks.

In the afternoon, Laci and I headed to St Margaret’s, where we visited Harris + Hoole for the first time. It is a chain of artisan coffee shops, although this is the first one I spotted to date. We tried their sweet Chai tea latte, and a regular Café latte. Being passionate tea and coffee lovers, we truly enjoyed our warm cups of delight, and would recommend it for all fans of caffeine.






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