Today was such an exciting fun-filled day hanging out with the cutest little squirrels in Twickenham. We explored the grounds of the historic stately home of York House. It is currently the Town Hall of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, and also is home to a number of squirrels. We had a few peanuts in my purse which we eagerly shared with the little creatures. There were so many of them running around, but many of the were a bit shy in coming forward to collect their goodies. But once they did, it was just the sweetest feeling as they took the nuts from our hands. We also met an old guard dog. While his owner was peacefully reading a book on a nearby bench, the pup was standing guard and attacking the squirrels once they got close enough. Such a funny little fellow.

We truly enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, and felt hopes of spring arriving soon. The water sparkled as we walked by and decided to take a little break at the Barmy Arms. This lively pub is located right beside the river Thames, and claims a long history of service. We had a glass of dark beer and light cider, both tasted just right. Can’t wait for the days when we can enjoy these drinks on patios along the river. Yay for spring!







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