Tea Time 

Saturday didn’t turn out exactly as planned, but it was a wonderful day regardless. Our plan for the day was to visit the London Library at St Pancreas, where Laszlo can focus on his studies, while I occupy myself with other literally endeavours. Upon arriving to the library, we were informed that in order to use the facilities, we need a reading card. In order to attain a reading card, we need proof of identity and proof of address. Unfortunately, we were not prepared for this, hence not allowed to enter the library. I bit disappointed, we headed home via a detour to Hammersmith.

During our walk, we couldn’t resist stopping for a gelato at a new parlour that caught our attention. A very Italian barista welcomed us, and served delicious portions of hazelnut, maxi king and tiramisu gelato. Even on a cold day, it tasted amazing and felt very refreshing. We walked along the unkempt street, and as we neared the beautiful area of Chiswick, we arrived to Drink Me Eat Me. It is a quant country café, and we decided to enjoy a cup of caffeine as it was high time for that. Laszlo opted for the latte while I had a pot of earl grey tea. Loved our quiet little afternoon with each other! Every weekend day is the best day!



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