Annual Pink Day

It was time to welcome annual pink day this Sunday. We were so unfortunate, Laci started the morning with a stomach ache. Not to waste the day, I made my way to the kitchen and baked a half batch of sugar cookies and decorated them! They turned out really cute if I may say so. Hearts with various colours and love notes, and sweet sausage dogs.

In the afternoon, Laszlo insisted that we go for a walk and dinner. We ended up in Richmond, where we walked around for a few hours before going to visit the Jamie Oliver Italian restaurant. I tried their pumpkin ravioli, which was amazing! “Pasta filled with roasted squash, ricotta & English mustard in a pumpkin sauce with rosemary & crushed amaretti breadcrumbs.” We even split a cheesecake to finish the meal. Mmm

A pink day has come and gone, and there are 365 days until the next one.



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