Brunch at Stamford Larder

I have to say that my favourite meal would be weekend brunch. It is the time to relax and enjoy your freedom alongside delicious food. We have been planning a brunch date for a few weeks now, and Laszlo took me to Stamford Larder today. This quant café is located near Ravenscourt, and I spotted it a few weeks ago as I walked by. Its inviting front display is a bright shade of white and turquoise which attracts attention among all they grey in the city. We booked a table for 12 noon on this rainy day, and arrived promptly with empty bellies. As soon as we walked in, the counter overflowing with delicious treats and cupcakes captivated us. The café not only serves ‘homemade honest food and good coffee’, but they offer award winning cupcakes and counter treats all made in house.

We opted for a pot of Vanilla tea, a latte, and two full English breakfast platters. Not only were these plates pleasing for the eye, but everything tasted divine. And turns out it was Laszlo’s first time eating poached eggs!! Now we are both in agreement that these are some of the best tasting eggs.

Being Valentine’s day weekend, and substituting one meal for breakfast and lunch, we each ordered a cupcake for dessert. Chocolate crunch and apple crumble with jam were the bomb. Literally, they both had exploding middles filled with more delicious surprises. SL definitely became our favourite brunch spot, and not only because they represent our initials, but for the delectable foods and friendly service!





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