Holland Park

I recently purchased two new pottery bowls, just the right shape and size to create wonderful breakfast bowls. Today was the first day to test them out, and I absolutely fell in love with them…and the delicious breakfast in it. We used a blender to mix frozen berries and natural Greek Yoghurt, which created a bright pink hue. Topped with rows of kiwi slices, oats, blueberries, shaved coconut and chopped dark chocolate, it was just the right blend!

As it was a pleasant sunny day we headed to high street in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Walking along a small road we admired immaculate homes of the rich and famous. We soon arrived to the magnificent Holland Park. Blooming trees, green grass and kids running around happily. Then we spotted the magnificent creatures that are the colourful peacocks! Their feathers were shiny perfection, especially as it is mating season. We admired them for a long time, and were determined to persuade them to open their tail feathers. With the help of “How to make a peacock open his tail feathers” in the Google search bar…and the endless videos of peahens calling their mates, we managed to persuade them this magical creature. It was beautiful to see and have the opportunity to be so close to them.

As our last stop, we had a sweet break at my favourite pastel spot, Primrose Bakery. Their cupcakes are simply divine, and the atmosphere warm and welcoming. The dog waiting outside for his owner just made the sight even cuter.




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