Blooming Richmond

As Saturday rolled around, the rain stopped but the air stayed cold. Laszlo was working night shift, which meant he was sleeping during the day, while I went on my city exploring. I decided to further discover our favourite area in the neighbourhood, The Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It is considered one of the greenest areas of the city, and this was evident today and accompanied by blossoming trees! A sight I never thought I would see on the 23rd of January, but it definitely felt like a nice spring day.

I discovered well-kept side streets with beautiful homes. Palm trees in many front yards creating a Mediterranean atmosphere. Old church buildings with old telephone booths covered with cob webs. And then I found Richmond Hill Bakery. A cute little shop nestled on top of Richmond Hill. Aluminium vases surrounding the entrance offering beautiful flower arrangements. When I entered, I discovered a rustic area filled with laughter and the scent of coffee and baked goods. I couldn’t resist, and decided to try one of their fruit scones with jam and a mug of their smooth latte. It did not disappoint!

As I continued my journey now downhill towards the core centre of Richmond, I walked by a number of cute galleries and shops offering uniquely crafted gifts. My favourite had to be Protége, where I found ceramics by Gin Durham. Her work is inspired by traditional folklore, fairy tales and nursery rhymes. These cute little creatures had just the right amount of magic that I couldn’t resist falling in love with them. I’m hoping to own one myself in the future, as to be a reminder of these days exploring the city of London.

For the late afternoon, I committed myself to a big project, which was to prepare a surprise meal for Laci. A surprise Hungarian meal. It was a struggle to say the least. Not only the preparation, but attaining all the required ingredients. In the end, I managed to pull it together and made my first pot of Hungarian Chicken Noodle soup, with a second course consisting of schnitzel. I think he was surprised and overjoyed with these flavours of home. Although I think there is still a lot of room for improvement. A beautiful and eventful Saturday for sure it was!



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