Being Sunday, we decided to spend the morning at home. Laszlo was studying for his exams, while I focused on preparing my first batch of pancakes. To make them extra special I used a number of toppings: fruit, caramelized almonds, whipped cream and the mandatory Canadian maple syrup. We both enjoyed them, but boy did they fill us up. 

In the afternoon, we headed to the city centre, as it was the last day of Lumiere London, the biggest light festival! The event was spread over four of London’s areas, where iconic buildings were transformed with 3D projections, interactive installations and other extraordinary light works. 

Our favourite were definitely the Luminéoles by Porté par le vent. They are official described as follows:

“Lit by LEDs, these brightly coloured fish dance gracefully with the elements, delighting audiences as they float and swoop through the air. Look out for the exotic flower lanterns adorning the Piccadilly area.

Porté par le vent take inspiration from light and the elements for their beautiful creations, transforming everyday locations into atmospheric dreamlands. Venture into their imaginary world and see Piccadilly as never before.”

And truly this magical creatures were powerful. Loved the little fishies and I’m glad we experienced this event! 



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