Wallace Gallery

Yay! Barely, but made it for the weekend. Still struggling with a throat ache, but a sunny Saturday is sure to help.  

We hit the tube and made our way to wonderful Marylebone, with the Wallace Gallery as our destination. 

The Wallace Collection is a national museum in a historic London town house. The galleries offer an unsurpassed display of 18th-century painting, furniture and porcelain with superb Old Master paintings and a world class armoury.

It is an understatement that I was mesmerized. The richness of the gallery was overwhelming, and definitely a spot where I will return to with visitors. What a gem in the heart of Marylebone!

My next goal was to find Monocle Café, and enjoy one of their famous brews. Well we found the café, but it was full of guests. Hence, we opted for a nice little walk along the beautiful, and quiet side streets of the area. We found intriguing whiskey shops, wonderful wedding stores, and front doors painted bright yellow and red. 

On our way home, we were fortunate enough to transfer at Westfield Shopping centre. This called for a quick break at Cappuccino to enjoy the most decedent coffee drink I ever head. A creamy and sweet tiramisu latte, with a strong shot of espresso to help us power thru the rest of the day.

A morning filled with history and culture, ending with a quiet afternoon at home. Perfect Saturday if I may say so.






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