Current Loves 

Well let’s just say my first week of the new year…and my first week back to work did not start well. I had a horrible tonsillitis infection, where even the mere thought of swallowing anything made me shiver and gag. After a week of bed rest, lots of warm soup, vitamin C in the form of orange juice, strong antibiotics and the help of my awesome personal doctor, I started to feel myself again as the weekend arrived. 

I did very minimal organizing in our room, and was finally able to enjoy some new items. It all started with fresh white sheets, which already made me feel better. I always imagined a space that is pure white. And finally I have it to enjoy! 

We also recently acquired a few dear succulents to add life to our room. Paired with a beautiful lightly scented candle, and a decor rock from my friend Niki, we have a peaceful little green corner in our room. Although Laci seems to think it’s my cactus shrine….

I also had some time to admire and unpack my breathtaking Christmas present from Laci, which is a beautiful pearl necklace that I absolutely love! I can’t wait to wear it once I’m off my week of bed rest. 

I was so unwell, I couldn’t even read during the week. But by today, I managed to dive into my new favourite, The Vintage Tea Party Journal by Angel Adoree. It is a nostalgic recipe book which I find very insuring and look forward to using when hosting a tea party in the future. 



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