First day of the new year 

I can’t believe it’s the first day of 2016, and I woke up super late! I’m not one to sleep in past 9 am, but the holidays and travelling must have caught up to me as I crawled out of bed at noon. Laszlo was so sweet and prepared a beautiful, and tasty breakfast to enjoy before heading out for a walk on this crisp day.
We decided to make is a short trip to Chiswick area, a neighbourhood now well known to use do to its proximity. We admired Turnham Green church from close-up, and posed by the big purple door. We explored side-streets, and imagined living in one of these beautiful old English homes. We talked about what type of Christmas trees and ornaments we would like. We decided that our home will have colourful tiles leading up to the doorway. And then we stopped daydreaming, and realized just how hungry we got in the cold. Our restaurant choice for dinner was Bill’s, as it looked very inviting with the bright chandelier, the menu sounded great and we’ve never tried it before. A wonderful atmosphere, and delicious food. The service was a little bit slow, but the flavours made up for it. Let’s now begin the year!





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