2015 to 2016 

Well I made it back to London, and it is still as grey as ever. December 31st was one of the longest days of my life. I landed around 6.30 am after my red-eye flight. A quick mini cabster to arrive home, and see Laci for a few minutes, before he headed into work for a 12 hour shift. I freshened up, and myself made the long journey to work as well. It was a quiet day in the office and a few times I felt I may have fallen asleep at my desk.
I headed home early and did some shopping for New Year’s Eve. As we both had a long day, we decided to stay in and celebrate the arrival of the New Year at home. And boy did we celebrate. Vodka cocktails, a loaded cheese board and a glass of champagne as we watched the fireworks from our backyard. We are ready for you, 2016!



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