Blonde Sisters

How lucky am I to have Kait and Karlie as my amazing blonde sisters! They truly are the best friends a girl could ask for, which also means that living thousands of kilometres away from them is a little bit of a heartbreak. But nonetheless, our annual Christmas Dinner was a wonderful success yet again. A huge thank you to Kait and Matt for hosting! As a winter snow warning was in effect, the afternoon was the calm before the storm. We sat in the kitchen drinking eggnog and rum, eating endless amounts of Christmas treats and discussing life. After a delicious dinner of eggplants was served, dessert followed in the most wonderful form of crème brulee.

And then came our fantastic little photo session on the couch, thanks to our very own talented photographer Steve. These memories will definitely last a lifetime, and I can’t wait to frame one of these gems!

Photo Credit: Steve St Jean


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