More Christmas 

 When we celebrate, we celebrate for days. Hence as Sunday the 27th rolled around, my family prepared to spend the day with our extended family (our favourite family by means of choice). After church, we made a short stop for some shopping and much needed Tim Horton’s coffee. My everything bagel toasted with herb and garlic cream cheese was delicious!

When we arrived to their house, the scent of delicious dinner was in the air, even though poor Niki was panicking about the status of the meal. In the end, it all worked out and everyone had a wonderful afternoon. Eva made a special meatball as the appetizer, while Anna presented a deluxe dip with nachos. And then the pesto chicken that followed…I am drooling just thinking about it.

For the past few years, Secret Santa gift exchange has been our tradition. Every year comes with surprises, excitement and hours of laughter as we open the surprises. I was beyond excited, as Niki was my Secret Santa. It’s an understatement that I was spoiled rotten. Beautiful jewellery holder, a sparkly picture frame, a friendship rock and endless supply of make-up. The next best thing will be when I start using them! And the amazing family photos…thanks to Aron for being our photographer! 

To end the night, we switched into swimsuits and relaxed in the new hot tub. This will definitely become our annual Christmas tradition!

The whole afternoon was precious and beautiful, spent among the loveliest family anyone could ever have.



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