My Timmy’s Crew

More than ten years ago I started work at Tim Horton’s on King George Road in Brantford. I was between high school and university looking to save money for school. Not only did I earn that, but I made friends for a lifetime. This Timmy’s crew is fun, energetic, quirky and just amazing. I’m lucky to have them in my life, and our dates, even though not so frequent, but are always wonderful.
Over the year, East Side Mario’s has become our ‘spot’. I’m sure we drive them crazy, as we always order bowls and bowls of salad, with heaps of cheese on it. But what can you, when their salad is amazing and unlimited, you can’t resist. I was fortunate enough to have had two trips to East Side’s while I was home. Definitely missed a few individuals, but the time spent with the core crew was just what I needed. Delicious food in good company. Until next time.


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