Christmas Bakes

Christmas baking. It’s a tradition and part of life. My mom and I spend endless hours preparing a variety of baked goods for the holidays, and then give them as gifts to family and friends. We made multiple loafs such as lemon poppyseed, cranberry walnut, and my mom even mastered a vegan gingerbread loaf for my old boss. 

My speciality has always been, and will be a collection of shaped cookies. Sugar cookies are my favourite as they can be decorated in detail. All I use is a ziplock bag and different consistencies of royal icing. New for 2015 was the pink and white collection. We also discovered an amazing gingerbread recipe last year which we will stick to in the future. I experimented with dipping the gingerbread man into melted chocolate. They not only ended up with cute boots but tasted delicious! Will definitely make more of these next year. 

Thanks to Karen and her recipe I finally mastered the chocolate toffee crack and even learnt to make pecan and caramel filled turtles with Nancy’s help! 

It was a wonderful week of baking, decorating and crafting as we prepared to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. 

Most of the recipes can be found on my baking blog at and will be adding new recipes in the next few weeks. Enjoy! 










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