Just Before Christmas 

The hardest part of moving to a new country is leaving family and friends behind. During my visit home, I tried to spend much needed time with old friends. Nothing like having quality girl time! 

Often it meant just sitting at home and baking Christmas treats, while Anna ran up the porch every 15 minutes to show of her ‘babies’. The newest favourite is Katar, the rooster! 

Other times, it was decorating cookies with my first friend in Canada, Elda. She came over for a few hours to learn the tricks, and we chatted over a big pot of apple cinnamon tea and munched on cranberry goat cheese. 

On the weekend, I even saw my dear little Bianca…who was 4 months pregnant with her first baby! It was so natural catching up over a cup of Timmy’s hot chocolate. So many exciting things to look forward to in 2016!

Anna and I even had the opportunity to deliver some very plain cookies to Steve for his birthday, while taking a tour of their first new house in the beaches. 

And then a lunch date with Lauren at Aberdeen Tavern in Hamilton. It was on our list a year ago to try, but I’m glad we eventually did. Serving gourmet Canadian cuisine in a former bank building featuring deep wood accents, leather banquettes and antique paintings.  I had their butternut squash ravioli…roasted brussels sprouts, red onion marmalade, parmesan, sage, lemon brown butter. Simply divine and so well suited for the season! To finish off Lauren and I both opted for an earl grey creme brûlée, and it was everything we expected and some. But the nicest was chatting for hours while making plans for future trips and life as grown ups. 

As Christmas neared, we enjoyed a colourful breakfast at Cora’s with Lenore as we discussed boys over much laughter. Missed my little Lenny.

My breakfast was followed by a visit to Swiss Chalet for a quarter chicken with their amazing chalet sauce. I had a lunch date with my old room mate Carly and her cute little baby Madison. I will never forget the Thursday nights during university as we drank wine and watched Lost. Time has definitely passed, but it was exciting to meet little Maddie. Those blue eyes and cheeks! 

On December 22nd we organized a Christmas suprise for my mom. There were plans for a girls night out as we went to see the Nutcracker! She’s only been talking about it for a few years, and we finally managed to book the last three available tickets for this evening. It was beautiful and magical. We would have thoroughly enjoyed an encore performance. An encore performance for another two hours. 

Sticking to tradition, I did multiple treat deliveries to family, friends and neighbours. One of these being Lisa, Jonathan and baby girl on board. I haven’t seen Jonathan in a long time and boy had he grown! His practically a mini adult but so cute with his sandy blonde hair. 

As for a party to kick off the last day of work for everyone else, we had a girls night at Lodge on Queen. A perfect venue for get togethers, where guests can bring their own drinks and snacks. It was an evening of friends, chatters and delicious wines. Thanks Keisha for hosting! 

Each and every moment was perfect and I wish I could rewind to it every day…especially that Cinnabon we shared with Anna! Mmm




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