Cookie Decorating with Kids 

Growing up, I loved spending time with my mom and aunts as we baked and decorated delicious treats for special occasions. One of my favourite past times is still the same, and I love nothing more than to share this special time with special kids in my life.  

Since my time at home was short and busy, I pre-baked a batch of sugar cookies and a batch of gingerbread cookies. I prepared piping bags of royal icing, and headed to three homes for a cookie decorating extravaganza. 

First visit was to see my dearest Nikalys and Sadie, who also happened to have a sweet little friend over, Paige. As it was a late afternoon, the girls were tired from their day of hot tubbing, but they still managed to create beautiful trees, stars and gingerbread man with hearts! I’m always so amazed to see how hard they plan each cookie design, and really put a lot of thought into it. Even Nikalys joined us, and he decorated a cool Christmas sweater of red, white and green. I wonder if Christmas colours or the Hungarian flag was his inspiration? We will let this one linger until the 2016 cookie design…

The next day was an early morning as I headed to visit darling Serena, Sophia and always cool Myles. They were wide awake and full of energy ready to tackle a huge tray of cookies. After two hours of icing colours, candy glitter and silver chocolates balls we had some wonderful masterpieces. While the kids were sparkling away, their amazing mom Nancy even taught me the secret to making turtles! Yay can’t wait to make them myself. After the cookie decorating, the kids opened their new book from London. I hope they will enjoy this illustrated book as they learn about this far away city. The visit wouldn’t have been complete without a disco party…a crazy dance performance by the trio! What fun, wonderful kids I have the pleasure of knowing. 

After a day of rest, it was time to see the Doy family. Ashley made me the most delicious vanilla flavoured tea in the cutest Tinkerbell mug. Mmm I could use a cup of that anytime again! We didn’t have a lot of time, but Ashton and Peyton quickly decorated a few cookies. The boys definitely stuck to the bag of blue icing for most of their designs. Gabby joined us just out of bed in her cute pink PJ’s. To watch her was precious. She used every muscle in her little body to squeeze the icing bag to create what she imagined. And then she slowly ate the icing off the cookie. The cycle continued a couple times. It was the greatest thing I have ever seen. 

Loved every moment of our cookie decorating fun! 







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