Oh Toronto 

On December 16th I flew home to sweet home Canada. What a wonderful time to be surrounded by family, friends and everything familiar. 

The Canadian adventures began as Anna and I headed to Toronto on this beautiful crisp day. When in Toronto, Queen West is a must. We visited Nadège for delicious glass of tea paired with sweet macarons. The vanilla and chocolate was just the perfect combo! 

Since my beloved Paper Place is just across the street, I obviously had to stop by for some much needed paper supplies. This little shop always amazes me with their wonderful window displays and handcrafted paper supplies. A gem in the city that is heaven for a lover of arts and crafts. 

As we headed to the Eaton centre for an afternoon of shopping, I admired the delightful Christmas windows of the Hudson’s Bay. Santa and his elves enjoying a table overflowing with holiday treats. Small town streets covered in snow as carollers sing through the evening. Kids in bed keeping warm by fireplaces bedecked with stockings. Magical, cheerful and beautiful! 

While shopping today, I realized how affordable every bring is compared to London. I splurged a bit and updated my winter wardrobe with some great finds. My favourite has to be the plaid shirt I found, which was 40% off regular price! 

Today was an amazing day to be home. Loved every moment of it! 






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