Beautiful Richmond 

After the pains and aches of Saturday, we decided to go to neighbouring Richmond for a short walk. One of our favourite boroughs, Richmond upon Thames is home to beautiful royal parks, open spaces,  historic houses, galleries and a town centre bursting with life.

The centre also hosts a small Sunday market where local artisans offer their goods. We tried their mulled wine, bought a jar of local honey for my mom, and selected vintage plates to make a cake stand for Laci’s mom. We also ran into a friendly giant multiple times, a beautiful breed perhaps a Great Dane. It’s an understatement that Laci was over the moon excited for his new buddy. 

I was also determined to find a special book for some special kids in Canada. And that I did at The Alligator’s Mouth. A wonderful store which had just what I needed. This Is London by Miroslav Šašek is an educational and entertaining travel book which will be an interesting read for my dear youngens.






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