Windy London

While we were excited for this weekend, things didn’t work out so well. Laci contracted a horrible ear infection, and was bedridden for the day. 

I started the morning with a run, and headed out right after. It was my day of Christmas shopping in London. First stop was the Crafty Fox sale in the vibrant Brixton market, at the Dog Star. What could be better than a craft sale in a bar!?  My main reason for coming here was to purchase mini pottery succulents for my dear Karlie. And success, ‘This way to the Circus’ had just what I needed. Handcrafted items that will brighten up even the gloomiest days. 

I spent most of the afternoon city hopping, visiting different neighbourhoods for unique finds. As a treat, I couldn’t resist stopping by Primrose Bakery in the Covent Garden area. It has to be the cutest bakery with a unique selection of treats every day! My salted caramel cupcake and latte was just what I needed. All in all, a windy day but successful. 

As I headed home in the early evening, I felt a horrible headache that’s been lurking around all day. Perhaps it was the lack of my morning caffeine, dehydration or the wind, but by the time I arrived home I could barely see. If this is what a migraine feels like, it is horrific. I was very thankful for dating a doctor at this point, as he helped the pain go away shortly upon arrival. While my headache diminished, we ended up going to the ER and his ear infection worsened. Not a day that we had planned for, but a day that we will never forget! 





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