Beautiful Ben 

The last day of the four day weekend has arrived, and it was time for a proper English breakfast. Bacon, eggs, beans, grilled tomatoes and mushroom. It was a grey morning, but excited to explore we headed into the city. 

Not because we scheduled it, but simply because we are awesome we arrived to Buckingham Palace to have the opportunity to watch the changing of the guards ceremony. However, the highlight had to be the guard walking around, warning visitors about thieves and yelling ‘They will grab anything, including unwanted children’. Thankfully, we didn’t have any of those to be grabbed. 

Next stop: The Albert pub to escape from the rain and warm up with hot drinks (except Laci, who decided to be cool and have a cool beer). Kaitlyn enjoyed a hot toddy, which was delicous but a bit too strong for my taste. I think I will stick to my mulled wine for the holiday season. 

As we walked along, we had a glimpse of Westminster, Downing Street and all the beautiful buildings near parliament square. We paid a visit to Canada House at Trafalgar Square and admired the wonderful fountain. It was only fitting that we visited The Maple Leaf bar for a drink. And to my disbelief, they were offering ceasers! Not the fancy ones that you can find in downtown Toronto, but it was a glass of spicy goodness for us to enjoy. 

Before grabbing sushi at the moving bar, we met Ben. Every time I see him, I fall in love all over again. Magnificent with intricate details, it really is the landmark of the city. Even though it was super windy, we managed to get a few photos with Ben in the background. 

Finally, we arrived to Westminster Abbey around 5.15 pm for the anticipated organ recital. A little cold, but a wonderful performance by sub-organist Daniel Cook. 

A wonderful weekend with wonderful friends!   



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