Winter Wonderland

As the second day of the four day weekend approached, I prepared a ‘British Fusion’ breakfast for my crew. What is ‘British Fusion’? It’s typical eggs and beans with a variety of grilled vegetables.  And yes, I did serve a glass of gin and tonic at 8.30 am….just to ensure spirits were high and ready for a busy day. 

As we walked in the fading rose garden of Hyde Park, I found the most beautiful rose I’ve ever seen. It was a light pink hue, very appropriate for the weather but still beautiful perfect petals in the beginning of winter! 

Nearing Winter Wonderland, we expected a big Christmas Market with stalls selling artisan crafts and delicious winter treats. While we did find these, we experienced an event we never imagined. It was an eclectic mix of Octoberfest, a summer fun fair and a Christmas market. Something we did not anticipate, but thoroughly enjoyed….especially our delicous cup of mulled wine. 

Connecting Hyde park and Kensington garden were both dressed in Fall colours, but a few green parrots still remained. I’ve been eagerly telling our visitors about these rare habitants of the city, and this was the moment of truth. In a quiet corner of the garden, a whole flock of parrots were awaiting to be fed! Next time, we definitely have to come with a bag of nuts to share with these green birds. 

Further exploring the beauty of the garden, Kait wondered if ‘we could ask George to come out and play’ when we arrived to Kensington palace. But she was soon reminded that this little boy has a country to run in the future, and no time for games. 

As we all needed a break, we stopped at the dimly lit Churchill Arms for a drink. Turned out to be Matt’s favourite pub! This time around, we tried their Thai kitchen. It was delicous with our glasses of cider. Fuelled by nice brews, we had the opportunity to admire the pastels of Notting Hill. The colours definitely brightened up this grey day. The neighbourhood is also home to my favourite bakery, the Biscuiteers! What a charming place to sit while sipping tea and coffee, enjoying biscuits and watching the British kids set foot in the store to pick up their after school biscuits…and in the company of my favourite people! 

One would think the day has been eventful enough, but we headed for Laci’s work Christmas party in Twickenham this evening. A delicious dinner and refreshing drinks were in course to end a beautiful Friday in London. 





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