Gin and Tonic

We started this crisp Sunday morning with a 3 km run through nearby Syon Park. Although cold, it was the best run ever. After a nice shower, we prepared a colourful breakfast to including a glass of Gin & tonic before hitting the road. What a start to the day! 

The London area of Chelsea was selected for today, a fabulously wealthy riverside neighbourhood. The high street is home to restaurants, cafes, boutiques and a number of beautiful galleries. But the hidden gems are found when you take a detour to one of the many side streets. Pastel houses with wonderful doors and small green spaces for the local residents. 

As we neared Sloane Square,  we stumbled into the Partridges shop to warm up. We had no idea what we just discovered. The store offers luxury produce that include fine wines from Bordeaux, extra virgin olive oil from Spain and mango jam from local farm system. And then there is the American corner. I almost died. Not only due to the wide selection, but also due to their prices. However, finances set aside, it assured me that I can buy a bottle of Clamato, a Betty Crocker lemon cake mix, or a box of KD if I’m craving it. 

Since a museum is never far, we decided to take a culture break from the glitzy shops of the high street. As so, we discovered Two Cows by Stephanie Quayle on display at the Saatchi Gallery! Made of air-hardening clay, these life size creatures were “primitivistic, essential and elemental, linking man to nature and animal to human”. I’m sure Anna enjoyed these photo shoot, as she is the biggest fan of cows there ever was. 

Furthermore, the gallery presented a special exhibition featuring the work of six laureates of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award. The photos were powerful and haunting, documenting areas and lives underrepresented in mainstream news coverage. 

Our finals stop on the long day was Comptoir Lebanese Canteen. The glamourous beacon of the brand is Arabic actress, Sirine Jamal al Dine whose vintage poster illustration adorns the walls and menus across the restaurant. The colourful stools and tables and decorative tiles visible through the large glass exterior will cheer up all visitors. The food is fresh, healthy, colourful and affordable. The wraps and salads were what I would have imagined a wholesome Middle East cuisine would be. It definitely  exceeded our expections, and we can’t wait to return! 





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