The Cake and Christmas

Saturday November 21st marks a special day as it’s my little sister’s birthday. Since I was unable to celebrate with her in person, I made sure I celebrate thousands of miles away. I’ve been eyeing a pretty little bakery in Belgravia called Peggy Porschen. As the leading bespoke cake bakery, they truly live up to their name. This pink corner café is beautiful on the outside as the inside. Their selection of fine cakes, cupcakes and cookies is endless. We decided to try their PINK raspberry lemon cake. Anna loves pink, so we thought she would love this….other than the raspberry. With a warm cup of their caramel tea, it was perfect!

We spent the next bit exploring the surrounding area. Classy fascinator shops and beautiful sparkling costume jewellery at Vicki Sarge. We soon had to take make another stop at Pimlico 11, as I was not dressed for the chilly windy weather. The restaurant bar was a wonderful space, but their Bloody Mary could use some spice.
Belgravia and Mayfield is just a wonderful area to discover. You could spot the beginnings of the holiday décor in the streets while admiring wonderful window displays. The neighbourhood is also home to endless galleries and even a boutique housing sparkling gemstones.

The final destination for today was the Tate Modern. Even though I’ve visited before, I find that you have a new perspective each time you explore. I even discovered an amazingly beautiful gold piece which I definitely did not see last time! I personally loved the Cage paintings conceived by Gergard Richter. Brush strokes, scrapings and rippled surfaces. The six large paintings are just breathtaking. 

Laszlo was further impressed to find the Marylin Diptych in the Pop collection featuring artwork from 1957 to 1967. Following Marilyn’s death in 1962, Warhol made more than twenty silkscreen paintings of her, all based on the same photo from the 1953 film Niagara. 

“Warhol found in Monroe a fusion of two of his consistent themes: death and the cult of celebrity. By repeating the image, he evokes her ubiquitous presence in the media. The contrast of vivid colour with black and white, and the effect of fading in the right panel are suggestive of the star’s mortality.”

A cold and busy day ending with a delicious Greek dinner is always a good choice! 





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