Markets and Poutines

Sunday morning I embarked on a long journey to the East side of the city. It is the most vibrant area of London, always something to offer. 

Spitafields market was very crowded but for good reason. They offer some unique finds at great prices. I managed to find a beautiful scarf for my sister, Anna and my first British hat! 

The old Truman brewery market also had a number of  things to offer. Among all they were hosting a Christmas craft market. It was a wonderful find. Artisans showcased their most delicate and wonderful creations. I could only wish for a full wallet to further enjoy this little market. 

As I walked across the busy streets in my Blue Jays tee, I soon motice a very special, delicious smelling booth. It was the Canadian poutine stall! What a wonderful sight…and it tasted amazing too!  A grey Sunday filled with little treats to enjoy.



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