Mystical Twickenham

A magical day today was. Rather chilly and foggy in the morning as we headed towards Twickenham admiring the natural beauty of fall.

First stop was Arthur’s on the green. A European bistro filled with natural light cascading through the glass windows. We couldn’t resist ordering their English breakfast tea; especially since it was served in the cutest Shakespeare inspired pots. A side of pancake with fruit and sweet syrup…it was just what we needed on a cold morning. A simple, yet beautiful little spot for Sunday brunch.

Walking on colourful leaves, we soon arrived to Strawberry Hill House, famous Georgian Gothic revival castle, created by Horace Walpole in the 18th century. Visiting the palace, especially on a foggy day like today, guests are will experience something very theatrical. The ghostly exterior, gloomy halls and grey staircase, magically lit by unique Renaissance glass and the magnificently glamourous rooms and great hall are something out of a novel.

Further to the already eerie feel of the castle, it was the last day of a special contemporary art exhibition by Laure Ford. The sculptures very well suited the history and atmosphere of Strawberry Hill.

“Laura’s work portrays animals and people as fantastic and nightmarish figures, using humour and acute observation to engage with social issues and appeal to the audience’s childhood memories.”

Her work was presented inside the house and around the garden to showcase a variety of new and existing works. My personal favourite: the poodles in the parlour which were inspired by a painting which used to hang in that same room of Horace’s aunts.

Much of the afternoon was spent outside walking along the river. We admired beautiful gardens and historic buildings, swan and ducks gliding on the Thames and even a few brave rowers. A cold day well spent with a special someone.



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