Sunny Sunday 

Sunshine for Sunday. When living in London, you soon realize how precious the days are when the sun shines down on the city. Indulging in a wonderful breakfast, we headed towards the Tower of London early morning. 

With the sun shining, it appeared that everyone was outside to enjoy the day. While we didn’t go in the Tower of London, we were amazed by the structure from the outside. We did however go up to the look out deck of the Tower bridge. What a wonderful experience overlooking the city and standing on top of the glass floor with the Thames below us.

We then travelled to Greenwich on a double decker. Exploring the magnificent painted hall of the Royal Naval College, the Maritime Museum then climbing up to the Royal Observatory to gaze down on old structures with the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf behind it.

Obviously we had to make this modern neighbourhood our next stop. And my family loved it, especially Agnes. It’s such a surreal feeling being at the foot of these wonderful gleaming buildings.

Since the day was still young, we headed back to Westminster area to walk along the Thames while admiring the parliament, Big Ben and surrounding area. We even managed to take a few obligatory shots by a red London phone booth! 

The organ recital at Westminster Abbey was the perfect way to finish the weekend off right. A beautiful day ending with music and the clinking of glasses over dinner. Until next time.




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