Rainy city

No rain could stop us from our urge to explore this great city. Fuelled by a colourful continental breakfast, we travelled to Hyde park with our umbrellas. Walking through the garden really made it feel like fall with the colourful leaves under our boots. We admired what remained of flower gardens and the always quirky ducks and geese that call Hyde their home. 

Our journey brought us to Kensington garden, to the gates of historic Kensington Palace, one of the many royal residences in London. The Royal Family has resided in this palace since the 17th century. The palace currently offers four routes where visitors can marvel in the beauty of the building while learning about its past inhabitants. 

Walking through the rainy streets, we admired a beautiful cathedral and wonderful homes on Holland street near Holland park. During the exploration of the park, we not only adored the Kyoto Japaneese Gardens, but its beautiful inhabitants, the ever so colourful peacocks and friendliest little squirrels! 

Battling the damp surroundings, we headed east to the financial area. I always find these neighbourhoods most intriguing on weekends, when the glass buildings stand tall and shiny without the hustle and bustle of the busy weekdays. We even managed to purchase a new pair of sneakers for my aunt at the foot of the Gherkin, as she happened to pack her most uncomfortable shoes for this large city. 

Just before dusk, we decided to participate in the Evensong service at St Paul’s Cathedral . A beautiful mass in a beautiful 300 year old establishment. 

While most would think our day was eventful enough, we had more plans. A delicious Italian dinner at Carluccio’s, a visual feast at Tate modern and sour candy along the River Thames lit up by the London Eye and Big Ben. 



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