Pink rooms

Most people who know Laci know that he loves dogs. So on this lovely Sunday, we decided to explore the Discover Dogs show at the Excel convention centre. It is an opportunity to watch shows, purchase supplies and meet hundreds of dogs! We discovered many new breeds and their characters. However, my favourite still remains to be the Pomeranian. They are just the cutest and sweetest little characters ever! 

For the late afternoon, we made our way back to the downtown core, and we discovered the borough market area near Tower Bridge. The market is on Saturdays, and we definitely want to come back to see it in its full glory. In the meantime, we enjoyed a craft beer from north London and a delightful cup of Pimm’s. 

As we strolled along the streets, a courtyard of umbrellas appeared. Although it was a sunny day, the installation is perfect for the city of rain. 

Zizzi’s was the perfect place to end the night in the company of delicious Italian cuisine. 



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