London Fields Brewery

I couldn’t wait for 5 pm to arrive Friday afternoon, as it meant the beginning of a fun filled weekend. 

I asked Laszlo to meet me by Moorfield’s Eye Hospital, where I greeted him with a beer tour card, “Our First London Beer Tour”. Our journey was just over an hour as we walked passed cool bars and street art. The destination was London Fields Brewery, where I have previously booked a brewery tour for 7 pm. The brewery located in Hackney is considered one of the older crafts breweries, as it opened its door in 2011. Since we were a bit early, we tried a flight of their brews with some tasty bar nuts. Our tour guide was a young newcomer from New Zeleand, and we were joined by a couple on tour from Australia. Rye first 30 minutes of the tour was informative with historic and scientific information. As for the next hour….well I would say it was more hands on. We had the opportunity to sit in the tap room with our group, and actually test brews. All in all, a fun evening out to start the weekend of birthday festivities. 



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