Back to London

First work week is done!! Now it’s time to celebrate for multiple reasons. I arrived back to London Monday morning. While my flight was very quick, I didn’t have a chance to sleep. I was exhausted to say the least. However, the rainy day soon improved when Laci welcomed me with a bottle of wine and a steak lunch. A delicious steak lunch.

My work week began on Tuesday with an induction training day. Lots to know and learn about the NHS. The training even included a glow cream and infra light to ensure new candidates cleaned their hands properly! 

The rest of the week was spent in the Moorfield’s Eye Charity office, located just beside the hospital. While I can definitely use a lot of transferable skills, the move to the charity sector will be a huge learning curve. The exciting beginning of a new chapter in my career. 

As for celebrating, I survived my first week AND Laci’s birthday is coming up. I’m about to embark on an eventful weekend with a pleasant weather forecast to look forward to!  




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