Canada for a week 

A last minute booking to home is always a good idea. Monday morning I grabbed a backpack, and started my journey to Gatwick Airport, where Air Transat was waiting for me. 
The week now appears to have been a whirlwind, but it was beyond amazing. As great as London is, there is no place like home. My parents welcomed me with a trip to Timmy’s on our drive home. As soon as I arrived, Anna surprised me with my birthday present: a photo book! 

The week flew by as I tried to achieve everything in a very limited time. A trip to Toronto with Anna. Coffee dates with friends. Lots of fall baking. Breakfast with old co-workers. Dinner parties with friends and family. A beautiful wedding in the Niagara region. A perfect week, other than the fact that it flew by. My mom even made an early thanksgiving dinner, which contained some home made chicken noodle soup. It was the best and something I have missed during the past few weeks. And a pumpkin spiced muffin with extra frosting from my favourite Timmy’s crew.

While I saw a lot of friends, im sorry to the ones I missed….but I will be back again soon! A week well spent, and I can’t wait until I return again! 





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