Wedding Day for L & D

October 3 was a special day for a special friend. It was the wedding day for Lauren & Dillon, and it was such a pleasure to have attended with my sister! We headed to Cave Spring Vineyard where the ceremony was to take place at 2 pm. Unfortunately, the weather couldn’t hold out, and the wedding took place inside. But the venue was quaint, decorated with beautiful arrangements and filled with lots of natural light. Dillon was handsome, but Lauren was the most beautiful in her dress. After promising each other that Lauren will always bake his favourite cookies (and Dill will always eat them) they exchanged rings, and were married. 

Since there was a couple hours before cocktails and the rain was just pouring, Anna and I decided to go out for some apps and a drink. We selected the first place we saw, Red Stone Winery. The restaurant was wonderful with big bay windows and a friendly service. Not to mention their Riesling, which was sweet and smooth. 

Just before 5 pm, we headed to Jordan Station for the beginning of cocktail hour. We caught a glimpse of the bride and groom as they were having their photos taken. Well, we snapped a few shots too as they were beautiful! 

Our table was a fun mix of guests. A British couple now living in Brazil and an Irish fellow. Both of whom shared many insights and things to see in England. Dinner was delicious, and the drinks kept coming. Thank God for a Designated Driver called Anna. During the meal, the wedding party, parents and newlyweds shared wonderful stories during their speeches, and this had to be the best part of the day. After dinner, the party danced the night away as we got high on candy and were treated to fresh poutine for the late buffet! 

A breathtaking wedding on a rainy day in Ontario. Thank you for letting us be part of your day, and best wishes to you both💋



2 thoughts on “Wedding Day for L & D

  1. Sara,

    You seriously have no idea how much your presence on our day and in our lives means to me. You truly are an amazing person and I’m so lucky to have you as a friend. Thanks for all that you have done to make every moment special for me by personalizing it with my favourite things! This blog post and photos made me speechless – thank you so much.

    Love always,



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