Sunny Saturday 

The morning was a lot of rush and chaos as we planned to meet Laci’s sister who just arrived to London for a work conference. After some miscommunication, we met her near Kingston gardens, and started to explore the neighbourhood on this sunny day. For breakfast, we had a coffee and a French pastry with goat’s cheese. 

As we continued our walk, we admired the beautiful buildings of Notting Hill and soon arrived to our destination for a drink: the Churchill Arms. Built in 1750, it is one of the oldest historic pubs in the city. In the 1800’s, Winston Churchill’s grandparents were regular visitors, which led to the maiming of the pub in the mid 1900’s. There is plenty of Churchill memorabilia hanging on the walls and it is the first pub that started to sell Thai food in their restaurant! But for me, it was the beautiful flower displays adorning the outside walls of the pub. A crowded place, we enjoyed our drinks outside in the sunshine among the flower arrangements. 

Being a Saturday, we got a glimpse of the Portobello market, before we headed home for the evening. Lots to see and taste in this area of London! 



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