Witchcraft and wizardry 

Thursday started out with a whole lot of meetings to attain documents for my future position at Moorfields Eye Hospital. I would say it was a successful morning, as we got everything done that we possibly could. We wondered the streets of London for a few hours, trying Indian snacks at the local market and sharing a healthy lunch in a paper box from Niven’s. I truly enjoyed their red cabbage salad, something to make in the future. 
At this time, I decided we must find platform 9 and 3/4 at King’s Cross Station so that I may leave the muggles behind and pursue my true calling as a witch. A luggage cart with Hedwig the Owl in the wall, and a line up that lasts a half an hour. But none the less, I had my Potter moment. The station itself was an architectural wonder. The glass ceiling, rushing travellers and a statue representing the feelings and behaviours of passengers. 
The area also featured a ‘homemade’ market offering fresh breads, cheeses, and baked goods. The mile high oatmeal chocolate bar we tried was deliciously filling! It gave us enough energy to explore the Science centre for a few hours. The exhibits really are so comprehensive and interesting, you can spend days exploring.
Since it was a beautiful evening, we spent the last few hours exploring the South Kensington Area. Laci even found a statue of famous Hungarian composer Bartok Bela! 





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