Canary Wharf

What a morning! Rushing from one end of London to the other: HR appointments, bank appointments  and a lot of work for the job.  Upon completing everything we could, a stop at Shoreditch Grind was a must. Their coffee and healthy food options are to die for. 

Our journey continued towards Canary Wharf. It is a major financial district, a futuristic area on the east side of London. The second largest skyscraper in the UK, the One Canada Square is located in this area. The area reminded me of great cities in North America, but in a much surreal way. The area is even home to the informative Museum of the London Docklands. It tells the history of London’s River Thames, the growth of Docklands, and the history of trade and slavery. 

Once we were satisfied with the glass structures, we walked along the Thames path, towards Greenwich. There is a tunnel under the Thames! You enter a dome, walk down a long flight of stairs, through the lengthy tunnel, up a long flight of stairs and voala! You exit an identical dome on the other side of the river! Unfortunately by the time we arrived, all the museum were closed. However, we did walk around for a bit admiring the Cutty Sark ship, pastel houses and the gelato store. We couldn’t resist having two scoops each. Chocolate and salted caramel. Has to be the best combo out there! 




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