My Saturday started out way too early and in a zombie like mood. Laszlo headed to work just before 8 am and I quickly got ready to begin my journey with an old family friend. 

A bus and a tube were requested to arrive at our meeting place near St. Paul’s Cathedral. 

The day started with a stroll along the river Thames as we admired the Shakespeare Globe Theatre Building. Definitely a place to return to to see a play. I find the riverside so full of life. Refurbished industrial spaces, pirate ships, and beautiful remains of old buildings. 

The time has then come to take the clipper! My first journey on the river. It was a short 30 minute ride to our destination of Greenwich, where the prime meridian is. 

As soon as we exited the dock, the museum ship of Cutty Sark stood in front of us standing mighty talk.  Built in 1869, it is part of the National Historic Fleet. It is a tourist attractions, where one can actually view the ship from inside and walk on the deck for a hefty price of £13.50. 

Bori being an excellent tour guide, she headed towards the National Maritime Museum. A free museum definitely worth visiting. My favourite were the figureheads. They are carved wooden decorations that were found on the prow of ships made between the 16th and 20th centuries. The museum was also very interactive, featuring a ship cockpit. Bori tried to steer the ship in New York, but it was harder than it appeared. On top of it, you totally got seasick from the view! 

The day trip contintued as a nice hike in Greenwich Park, admiring the view of old and new. Canary Wharf, the futuristic financial district was on the opposite site of the Thames. We ended up enjoying a tea, and then checked out the Peter Harrison Planetarium. What a wonderful and informative show about our ‘neighbours’, the planets, stars and galaxies! 

As our stomach was growling by this point, we went to check out the small market, where we opted for the Thai Kitchen. A pad Thai split of calamari curry and chicken was my choice for lunch. Other than the calamari being a bit too spicy, it was delicious! Naturally, we had gelato to cleanse the palette. My selection: caramel and chocolate. 

We walked along the friendly little streets, and browsed the flea & vintage market. They even had freshly dug up bottles!? Where does one dig up bottles!? Regardless, the bottles were cool looking! 

It was a long journey home, but there was a surprise waiting for me. A card on the table from Canada. Thanks Gaby! The perfect end to a day well spent. 



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