An eventful Friday, and the weekend is just beginning. Unfortunately, Laszlo is working an 8 day stretch 12 hours shifts all weekend. Meaning I’m finding my own fun this weekend. Today I headed into the City of London for my first British interview!! It was to at Moorfields Eye Hospital as a Fundraising Assistant. I was beyond excited to have this opportunity to potentially start a career in the not-for-profit sector. I decided to take an overground train, and then spend the day walking. I arrived to Waterloo Station around 11.15 am and walked along the Southbank by the London Eye. It was a beautiful sunny day as I crossed the Hungerford Bridge. I walked among beautiful buildings to make my way to Trafalgar Square and Canada House. It was nice to see the Canadian flags and golden maple leafs. 

I then headed east on my long journey. I soon reached the Royal Court of Justice building. It was complimented by the grey sky. Although it was not in the forecast, it started pouring just after noon. I rushed into the first Cafe, and had an Egyptian Roasted Tomato and Spicy Lentil soup. It warmed me up, and I continued my journey. It was very unfortunate that it rained as I passed by some nice sights, but it was not pleasant in the cold rain. I easily found Moorfields Eye Institute, so I decided to walk back to a cool cafe I spotted nearby. It’s called Soreditch Grind.I ordered a flat white and tomato bruschetta. It was so delicious! One of my favourite London spots this black building has become! 

I then had my interview with the Head of Individual Giving and the Fundraising Director himself. It was a nice meeting, very positive discussion and feedback. Let’s keep the fingers crossed. It’s a seven month maternity contract, but that’s all I need to get my foot in the UK market. 

I then headed back in the same direction, but taking a different route to explore new areas. And that I did! I found churches, historic buildings and modern glass structures. It was a wonderful walk admiring new areas of this huge city. 

My final goal was to visit a bakery I’ve been admiring for some time now. Primrose Bakery in the vicinity of Covent Garden. A cute bakery on the corner with pastel colours and an inviting interior with friendly staff. I ordered an earl grey tea, and awed at the selection of baked goods. I decided to try one of their standard flavours, a vanilla cupcake. It was just as I imagined. Perfect. I decided to be a nice person, and purchased a chocolate cupcake for Laci. 

I then crossed Waterloo Bridge and walked along Southbank. The area has street art and the coolest food trucks. A pink double decker where they serve ice cream. Beltane & Pop where you can use a digital screen to order your slushy. My favourite London Mexican, Wahaca serving guests in colourful containers. And then I noticed Southbank Skatepark. Steve I made it without even knowing! 

Then I saw the polar bear. A structure erected by Greenpeace and the people in front of the Shell building. A powerful display to save the arctic and request the company to stop drilling. 

I soon arrived back to Waterloo Station. A busy spot where I started, and then ended the day. I would say a successful day. 

Today was a day that I realized how amazing the sky is in London. It is ever changing from sunny to dark grey clouds. Blue skies and shades of grey in front of it in the form of clouds. It really is something to admire. And sometimes fear if you don’t have an umbrella and water resistant shoes. 

Everyday I become more eager to welcome family and friends here to show them these spots I’ve discovered during the last few weeks.  




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